Find a Scalable Software and Solution that Has These 6 Ecommerce Marketing Features

Here are some must-have ecommerce marketing features that both business owners and marketers can’t live without! Find a scalable software and solution that can offer you these 6 features!

Choosing ecommerce platforms comparison for your business is difficult. We suppose you’ve got dozens of options and it can be really hard to tell the difference between a good and best ecommerce platform.

Making the wrong choice can leave spending way more than you should to set up your store with the features you need, get frustrated, paying too much in transaction or payment fees, and etc. If you are not paying attention, this could easily happen.

If you make a decision from a marketing perspective, you may have bigger chances of choosing the right scalable software and solution for your business. As an ecommerce marketer, your store needs features that can support the marketing campaigns and activities you will be planning. That is why we will share a few ecommerce marketing features that every good and scalable software and solution has to offer:

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1. Personalized emails:

There are a lot of things you can do with email marketing. You can reach out to people in your target group based on the transaction they’ve made on your website. You can sell cross-sell and upsell emails to people who highlight specific products based on viewing or shopper’s purchase history.

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2. Rich analytics:

Analytics information is important to help you make better decisions about your business. For example, you need to know who your best customers are, the most and the least popular products, where new customers are coming from, your conversion rates, and more. The more information you have about your customers, the more you will be able to focus on the marketing strategies that are giving the best results.

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3. Integrated blog platform:

If you want to build professional and friendly relationships with people, keep in mind that interesting blog posts can attract impressive backlinks and can rank for specific keywords. Each blog post can improve your SEO ranking and remember that Google favors websites with diverse, dynamic, and unique articles.


4. Conversion rate optimization:

When you set up your own store, you have to predict what your audience will respond to in the best way. You predict even the smallest details including the color or placement of a button can affect your sales conversion rates. By having different versions of your product pages to different groups of customers while analyzing conversion lift, the best way to experiment is split testing.

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5. Discount codes:

The discount codes are essential for acquiring new customers, driving more traffic, and impressing repeat shoppers. One research has shown that coupons have affected over 80% of the customers to try new products. In order for you to handle this aspect of the business, we recommend you to consider using third-party applications.

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6. SEO Features:

When it comes to ecommerce marketing, you need to take charge of your Search Engine Optimization, so you can make it super easy for potential buyers to find you on Google. Please keep in mind that the organic ranking takes some time to establish and it can be difficult if you are working with an ecommerce solution whose developers and marketers didn’t have SEO features in mind.

All of these features are important for supporting your online business success. Each of them has an important purpose in how you run your business – from analytics to customer service, marketing, SEO strategies, and shopping experience. Find a scalable software and solution that can offer you these necessary features!

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