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How to Change Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

Changing an enterprise ecommerce platform is not as stressful and intense as you think it is! Here is why and how to change your current enterprise ecommerce platform!


For entrepreneurs and store owners to change enterprise ecommerce platform is like moving to another country. However, today, there are apps and tools that can make the process as smooth as possible.

No matter how complicated the process you think it might be, you need to understand that is a procedure that every store owner sooner or later has to deal with.

In the competitive ecommerce industry, both established and new platforms constantly improve and present game-changing features and updates that can help you grow your online business. The store owners can migrate their data back and forth, without impacting the performance of the website.

Before changing the ecommerce platform, here is what you need to do:

  • Understand why do you want to change the enterprise ecommerce platform
  • Know when it is the best time to make the change
  • Do your own research and discover the top-ranking enterprise ecommerce platforms
  • Be absolutely sure of the methods and strategies on how to change the platform

According to one research, there are 5 main reasons that push the store owners to change the current enterprise ecommerce platform:

  1. Struggling in managing and completing the day-to-day administrative obligations?
  2. Noticing a high rate of shopping cart abandonment?
  3. Do you think that the monthly fees and expenses are high for the features and functionality offered?
  4. You can’t find or use the necessary apps to get improved store functionality?
  5. How often the customer support of the platform is useless?

If the answers to the questions are negative, it is definitely not a mistake to consider the option of changing the enterprise ecommerce platform.

There are 4 common methods of changing ecommerce platforms: you can do it manually by manual export/import of the CSV files, you can use migration scripts (there is no 100% guarantee that the data will be transferred as sometimes some files could not be supported), hiring a developer (this is the most expensive method), and by using an automated tool.

Our advice is to use Cart2Cart – the best-automated shopping cart tool that will successfully transfer all of your data without sacrificing your SEO ranking and website performance.

Cart2Cart is a secure, easy, and affordable option. There is no better way to ensure data transfer.

How to Change Enterprise Ecommerce Platform